The creators behind the slot machines online

As you may have noticed, there are a number of different brands of slot machines online, perhaps you have even acquired a favorite already. But what you may not know is that many smaller game suppliers or studios as they are also called are located under larger distribution companies and so-called "white labels". If we take a closer look at two of the market's most well-known manufacturers and distributors of online slot machines, Microgaming and NetEnt. On the surface, you may think it is the same type of company, both delivering games to your screen. But beneath the surface, they are radically different. Microgaming delivers its slot machines under a brand called Quickfire, and you have certainly seen that in many of the castles you have played. Quickfire is a kind of umbrella company that companies can join and have their games delivered to Quickfire's existing customers. Of course, they have their own games like Immortal Romance and Jurrasic Park, but their own slot machines are far from the majority in their selection.

Advantages and disadvantages - of course

The benefits are many for all parties involved, it almost goes without saying that as a small business it is difficult to reach all the thousands of online casinos on the market today. So companies like Quickfire and EveryMatrix make the supply chain a lot easier for startups and smaller studios. You, in turn, get a wider selection of all the newest and best slot machines available on the market through Quickfire's vast network of online operators. So it will be a win win win for everyone involved. The disadvantages, of course, also exist, if we only look at the technical problems that easily arise when you try to port an existing system to another - which in turn should work under a third system - then we realize that it is far from optimal. If you find a game from, for example, Quickfire that tends to work poorly but works perfectly perfectly in demo mode, you can check it out by googling that game. The odds are that it comes from one of the smaller studios that is connected to one of the smaller studios as a subcontractor. What one can say as comfort is that the errors that occur tend to be extremely short lived so leave the game for a few days so the technicians have fixed the problem. Errors that usually occur are also not serious, but have more to do with the connection between the various parties. Usually it is a law in the transfer that makes it a graphics error, completely harmless but it has quite big consequences when the player thinks there is some fuff going on. If we look at companies like NetEnt then they have their own games with their own developers. No smaller studios are connected, and thus we have a more stable slot machine. The supply chain also ships a third party to a direct connection, so the technical part is less vulnerable. The disadvantage is that the company is dependent on both designers and developers, and thus can be difficult if a larger group chooses to quit and start th eir own. Of course, NetEnt can also be found under white labels, but since they have a large range of games with already popular games, they are almost always directly connected to larger online casinos, find out here.

The history of slot machines

Slot machines have actually been around longer than many people think. Already in the 19th century came the first, and what happened after that we all know. A huge expansion on all levels, not least through technology. Today, the old "one-armed bandits" with their arms on the right side are almost a memory, and the high-tech slot machines have taken over. In 1891 in New York, USA, two people named Sittman and Pitt began to develop the first slot machine. They got their inspiration from a regular poker game, and the symbols on the five reels were playing cards. To win, one would thus try to get poker hands of different kinds, pairs, pulleys, ladders and so on. The better the hand, the better the prices. This slot machine was staged in various different bars around New York. Since Sittman and Pitt did not really get to the pay-out function itself, it was the bar itself that was responsible for the prices. Depending on how good you got on the machine, the bar had to pay a price in the form of a drink. A couple was probably no more than a small beer, while a royal straight flush might mean a whole bottle of something.

This was obviously a very appreciated concept by the bar guests, but it apparently did not work well in practice. This made building a real money payment system a must. However, it was too difficult to fix this on this machine which had five wheels. The number of different winning combinations became so large that with the technology of the time, no good system could be obtained. This eventually caused Sittman and Pitt's slot machine to disappear. However, just a year later, a man named Charles Fey was eager to try his own kind of slot machine. To get around the mess with the large number of winning combinations, he built a three-reel slot machine instead of five. The machine came to be called Liberty Bell, and quickly became a success in the United States. Because the payout mechanism now works the way it does today, it is this Liberty Bell that is considered to be the official first slot machine. It was also this machine that introduced many of the symbols one can still see today, both at online casinos and at land-based ditto. Besides just Liberty Bell, which was the best of the symbols, you could get horseshoes, hearts ace, spades ace and diamond. A few years after this slot machine was launched, casino games were banned in the United States, which means that Liberty Bell was taken out of use. However, the slot machine had already received a good reputation, and Charles Fey began to export them to Europe and other parts of the world. Today you can see the first slot machine at a museum in Nevada.

When casino games once again became legal in the United States, production quickly recovered. Operator Bell, a clear copy of Liberty Bell, was quickly out and set up at various different bars, hairdressers and other. After that the market was open and more and more bandits came. However, all were reasonably similar, as the technology limited the possibility of supplying everything for the variants. However, in 1963, the technology of slot machines took a big step forward when Money Honey arrived. This slot machine could be spun at the touch of a button, and a new world was opened. In 1976 came the first real video machine where a TV was the display and the graphics became something completely new. After these two major changes, the technology has continued, and the slot machines we see today, both at online casinos and at land-based casinos, have all been inspired in some way by Liberty Bell.

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